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We are dancing..

Your words make my skin starts to burn. Your sweet and engaging speech hurts me and healing.
You’re stepping on my feet, it’s awesome the sensation of had you over me.
Such a perfect smell has you. The fragrance seems to me the heaven lost in the middle of the hell.
Your dress moving slowly, hypnotize me. Let me in another world, where I become completely fool.
I say stupid things… I choose wrong words… But you smile at my shame, and I start to dream.
The music is coming to an end, and I haven’t gather the courage to release your body from my arms.
The last chord was played, our bodies come separated and I don’t know what to do.
I hold your hand to you don’t separate before I did anything. I thank you for the honor of dancing with you, and I will gonna do the only thing I can do: I wait to begin the next song.
I just wanted my arms protecting your body until the end of my life.

(Andrew Mielczarski)

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I love you cupim <3'

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